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15032 Redhill Ave Suite E

Tustin, CA 92780

Kids Krav Maga (ages 5 - 12)

GS Krav Maga is a martial arts school that teaches students practical self-defense skills through fun, engaging, and empowering classes. 


Emphasis is placed on education about bullying behavior and prevention tactics as well as stranger abduction in our Kids Krav Maga program.

Bullies often target those who are perceived as “different.” By its very definition, bullying is a form of intimidation, behavior designed to threaten, frighten, or to exert power and control over another person, who is often perceived as “weak,” “different,” or “other.” 

4 Types of Bullying Behavior:

  1. Physical: Hitting, kicking, pushing

  2. Verbal: Taunting, name-calling, threatening 

  3. Social: Spreading rumors, manipulating social relationships, excluding someone because they are different, ganging up

  4. Cyber: Social media, online games, email/texts

By teaching students to use their Mind, Voice, and Body to defend themselves, we empower them to fight back in an abduction situation and give them the confidence to become great leaders.

  1. Mind: Make safe choices, avoid potentially dangerous situations, know when its appropriate to fight back.

  2. Voice: A strong voice calls attention to the situation and empowers your child to fight back.

  3. Body: Students are trained in Krav Maga self-defense and escape techniques to use when unable to run.

7 reasons why GS Krav Maga is right for your child

  1. Get Active

  2. Learn Self-Defense

  3. Gain Self Confidence

  4. Learn Leadership Skills

  5. Channel Emotions Positively

  6. Learn how to Persevere

  7. Learn Life Long Skills

ADHD Prevention

Scientific studies have proven that Martial Arts, above all other athletic activities, have greatly improved the lives of kids diagnosed with ADHD scholastically, socially and at home. Their lack of focus, excess energy and tendency to act out are channeled perfectly through the disciplined, high-energy approach our classes offer.


We understand the important relationship of martial arts and ADHD prevention. Complex activities such as martial arts strengthen neural networks in the brain, enabling kids with ADHD to practice self control. In addition, movement helps them develop coordination while building strength, along with providing structure — beneficial to children and adults.

"My six year old son looks forward to it every time. The instructor, Coach Jake, has been very patient in teaching them discipline along with the skills they need for self defense."

Carlyn Lewis Herroz

"This is a wonderful place for kids to learn discipline, self-defense, and self-esteem! The instructors are so patient, encouraging, and uplifting. Highly recommend!"

Krishni Somaratne

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